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Welcome to LCNI

Welcome to the Robert and Beverly Lewis Center for NeuroImaging at the University of Oregon. Here you will find information about the Center and resources for researchers and the general public.

Our center is a core research facility supporting a wide range of interdisciplinary, multifaceted research in neuroscience and biological imaging. Please see the Directors statement for more detail about our mission and approach.

The Center operates a Siemens 3T Skyra MRI system, a mock scanner, and a computational grid for advanced analysis. Please see the Resources page for further details about our services, resources, and capabilities.

About Us

Mission Statement and Center staff

A Statement from the Director:

Fred SabbWelcome to our site.

As a core research facility at the UO, our mission is to provide resources to conduct MRI research to members of the UO and the surrounding community.  We have an array of services and resources to help facilitate your research and we are very eager to support new research endeavors.

Our site will hopefully provide a wealth of information about our services as well as serve as a dynamic resource for information on MRI research through our wiki-style entries on acquisition, analysis and peripherals. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in learning more.


Fred and the LCNI team.

LCNI Staff

Jolinda Smith: MR Physicist

Jolinda SmithJolinda received a Ph.D. in experimental condensed matter physics from the University of Oregon in 1997, and has worked at the Lewis Center since 2002. Her interests include software development, image analysis, and RF coil design. She is the author of MRIConvert, a program for batch conversion of DICOM image files to volume formats.

Scott Watrous: MR Techologist

Scott WatrousEarning an Associate of Science from the Oregon Institute of Technology and a BS and MS from the University of Oregon, Scott has 23 years experience in diagnostic imaging including radiography and Computerized tomography. The last 13 years have focused solely on MRI. His professional interests include functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), MicroMRI, and MRI coil design as well as MRI safety. Off campus, you can find Scott cycling, hiking, cooking/eating, rock/fossil hunting, and gardening.

Chuck Theobald: Information Technologist

Chuck TheobaldChuck received his bachelor's degree in Physics and Computer Science from the University of Oregon in 2010. He has been working as a computer professional since 1989, and came to the University as the IT Consultant for two programs within the University's Department of Education. In September 2002, he joined the Lewis Center to fulfill a lifelong goal of supporting researchers investigating the leading edge of science and to work with really cool technology. He enjoys gardening, bicycle commuting in the rain, and, of necessity, creative solutions in home improvement.

Diana Aldrette: Administrative Coordinator

DianaDiana has worked at the Lewis Center since January 2006. She performs many duties including: Office Manager, Budget Manager, Payroll, receptionist, scheduling and office support to the Lewis Center staff, visitors, faculty, students and research subjects. She has an extensive background in bookkeeping and business administration, with 8 years at UCLA and over 20 years owning a small business in Southern California. Diana spends her free time outdoors with her family in activities such as walking, rafting, camping, and in the kitchen preparing special Mexican recipes.


Research at the Center

Research conducted using Center facilities is quite varied. Follow the links below for information about current projects and papers resulting from this research.



We provide a number of services to the UO and broader community towards the goal of conducting MRI-related research. For rates and scheduling, please see our internal resources page or contact us at

  • Research Scan Time
  • Coil Design
  • Mock Scanner Time
  • Extended R&D Time
  • Additional Support

Pilot Studies

We currently have a generous pilot program for collecting preliminary data for competitive grant submission.  please see our internal resources page or contact us at 

Part of our charter is to offer outreach to the broader community. The Center regularly hosts tour groups of all ages to communicate the role of MR Imaging in furthering our understanding of ourselves and the greater world. Please stay tuned for more upcoming events posted here.

External Resources

Here you can request an LCNI account, see our current research training resources, and links to tools we share with the research community. 

Internal Resources

We have a number of resources for the UO research community, including IRB documents, rates, and internal tools. This is for internal users only and requires an LCNI account to login.

Knowledge Base

Information regarding fMRI research.
This KB has been established by the Lewis Center for Neuroimaging to foster dissemination of information regarding our Center and services offered for the use of magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy in research. Additionally, general information regarding fMRI data analysis can be found here. Contributions based on your experiences in this field are welcome and encouraged. If you have some contributions to make to this wiki, items related to MRI data analysis, management of computers and systems for this analysis, the process of stimulus presentation and data collection, etc., please log in and create an article in our knowledge base.

Research Projects

Some Research Projects
Simultaneous EEG/fMRI
Phan Luu, Electrical Geodesics, Inc.
Project Milkshake
Eric Stice, Oregon Research Institute
Aging Muscle Fatigue
Anita Christie, UO Human Physiology
Investigations of Affective and Social Processes
Elliot Berkman, UO Psychology

FSL 5.0.7 Released

created Jul 21, 2014 01:49 PM
The FMRIB in Oxford has released a bug-fix update to FSL, version 5.0.7. Center staff is planning on updating the compute nodes with this latest version soon.

FSL 5.0.7 Released - Read More…


MRIConvert files
MRIConvert binaries and source bundles
Checking b-vector alignment
Chris Rorden, Michael Harms, Jolinda Smith, Nytavia Wallace :: March 31, 2011