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Using Calpendo's iCal Feed

As of version 7.0.40, Calpendo supports an ics feed for bookings of resources. When used with calendar software that support .ics feeds, this allows viewing Calpendo bookings without needing to log in or even requiring a Calpendo account.

The URL for .ics feeds is available with the iCal button on the Calendar view:

Calpendo's iCal button

You can choose to export bookings for all resources or a specific resource. We recommend using one feed per resource. If you do this,  you can import each feed into  your calendar and choose which selection of resources you wish to view.

Each type of calendar software has its own way of importing .ics feeds. For Google Calendar, this is done by pressing the down arrow to the right of "Other calendars" and selecting "Add by URL". You then paste the URL given by Calpendo's iCal dialog.

Note that updates to Calpendo may take up to an hour to propagate to your external calendar. Also, past events will not be synced/shown.