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Getting Started

IRB/IACUC approval

In order to use the facilities at the Center, there are several steps to be undertaken. To conduct experiments at the University, any protocol you wish to implement must be reviewed and approved by the University's Institutional Review Board (IRB) (human subject) or Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).

Within the Center, each study is organized as a Project and consists of a number of scan sessions. Other non-scan sessions may be held in other rooms at the Center, including the conference room, the interview room and our magnet simulator. Prior to scanning, your data collection needs and scan program must be reviewed by our MR Technologist. This will determine the duration of each scan session and will help you establish your procedure with regards to data collection during the session.

Project Creation

Prior to scanning, your project must be established on Center systems. Each project is typically associated with a lab and the lab's principal investigator. Projects are identified by description and project identifier. The project identifier is used for scheduling and routing data to the correct lab home directory. It is a short name that can be up to seven characters long. Valid characters include upper and lower case letters, numbers, hyphen and underscore.

Protocol Review

The specific program of scan sequences (protocol) to be used during scan sessions will be determined by your experimental design and analysis requirements. Our MR Technologist will review your plan and recommend an appropriate set of sequences.

Stimulus Delivery and Data Collection Requirements

Based on the design of your experiment, you will formulate the type of stimuli to be delivered to the participant and create a list of data types you wish to gather. The Center has a wide range of stimulus delivery and data collection capabilities. Stimuli are generally visual, although auditory forms are also supported. Other more novel stimuli may also be incorporated with proper technical development.

Non-MR data collected also spans a wide range of modalities:

  • participant response via button box
  • audio-visual recording of participant and/or stimuli
  • physiological monitoring and recording: heart rate, respiration, blood oxygen level
  • arbitrary digital and analog data input and output
  • participant eye-tracking monitor and recording

Account Creation

An LCNI account is required for most people in your research group. This account provides access to our file server, the compute grid and VPN. An account may be requested through the online form. Once approved, the account holder will have access to your lab's shared work area as well as their own home directory space.

People who will be scheduling participants for magnet, simulator time or other Center resources will need Calpendo privileges. Due to limitations on the number of accounts we have for this software, accounts are enabled only for the principal investigator and people who are involved in scheduling.