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Auditory stimulus options

There are four options for auditory stimulus presentation and subject communication at LCNI: room intercom, the standard Siemens headphones, a set of headphones from Nordic Neurolabs (NNL), and a set of Sensimetrics earbuds. The right option for your project depends on which coils you are using and whether you are presenting auditory stimuli or simply communicating with the participant.

If you are using the 32-channel head coil, the only compatible option for stimulus presentation is the Sensimetrics earbuds. If you are not presenting auditory stimuli, you may wish to forgo the earbuds and rely on the room intercom for communication. 

If you are using prerecorded stimuli with the Sensimetrics earbuds, the sound quality will be greatly enhanced by prefiltering your sound files. Filtering software is available here: You will also need the custom filter files for our headphones: EQF_234L.bin, EQF_234R.bin.

When using another head coil, or no head coil, we recommend either the Siemens or NNL headphones, as they will provide better sound insulation than the earbuds for most participants. For simple communication with the participant, the Siemens headphones will suffice. If you are presenting auditory stimuli, you should use the NNL headphones.  

For participant-to-operator communications, you may use either the room intercom or the Persaio MR noise cancelling audio system.